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The Reservoir Management and Field Development Division of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is a dynamic specialized and scientific center seeking to bring about new changes in the upstream petroleum industry based on modern technologies and latest scientific achievements.
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Shale oil and gas market has been gathering steam across the globe over the past decade. Many countries, particularly the United States, have developed new technologies to produce and process shale oil and gas.
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With the implementation of output quality improvement projects in Iran’s refineries and the production of Euro-4 gasoline, Iran has taken effective measures in compliance with the Paris Agreement which came into effect in December 2015.
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Iran hopes to bring its oil output to over 5 mb/d under its 20-year vision plan by investing in ageing fields. Some of oil fields in Iran are already mature. Their oil has partly been recovered, but cutting edge technologies are needed to extract the remaining oil.
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Born in 1908, Iran’s petroleum industry went through ups and downs during the first four decades of its life.
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Iran Plast 12 in Tehran
Iran’s annual 12th Iran Plast September 24-27 in the capital Tehran. A total of 35 countries showcased their products.
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